Kyran Matthews

Saxophonist Composer Promoter Educator


The Manchester Jazz Collective


The Manchester Jazz Collective (MJC) is a collaboration of northern musicians, prioritising the creation and promotion of original large scale jazz compositions. Evolving from a residency at The Wonder Inn, MJC offers a platform for northern musicians and composers to showcase new material for large ensemble. MJC’s founding ethos has been to maintain its fluid, multifaceted identity by defying stylistic categorisation. This ethos is reflected within our diverse range of genres and cultures, whilst remaining rooted in the world of contemporary jazz. Each composer’s individual influences and experiences are combined with the creative interpretation of our ten musicians, creating a dynamic and engaging live experience.

MJC has generated over 8 hours of original music, and has more recently been working on a project lead basis, collaborating with local and international guest soloists to create a melting pot of musical styles. Our collaborations have explored not only the depth and intensity of traditional jazz, but also encompass the diversity of our modern musical palettes of middle eastern harmonies, high energy, danceable afro jazz to heavy metal and rock grooves. Other projects have included a composition by our pianist Andy Stamatakis-Brown, Cottonopolis, winner of the prestigious Irwin Mitchell Originals' commission at the Manchester Jazz Festival in July 2017, combining the funky dance music of Manchester’s iconic nightclub ‘The Hacienda’ with the sights and sounds of Manchester’s industrial revolution. This more recent addition to our catalogue of works offered the inclusion of visual performance aspects which added a new dimension to our live experience.


Kyran Matthews / Saxophones

Jeff Guntren  / Tenor Saxophone and Woodwinds

Emily Burkhardt  / Saxophones and Woodwinds

Nick Walters  / Trumpet

Graham South  / Trumpet

Ellie Smith  / Trombone

Rich McVeigh  / Bass Trombone

Andrew Stamatakis-Brown  / Piano

Paul Baxter  / Bass

Johnny Hunter  / Drums